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Five Actors Who Should Play Gordon Freeman in A Half-Life Movie

Firefilm | 23 Dec 2015 15:00
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Oscar Isaac by Gage Skidmore

4. Oscar Isaac

The newest X-Wing hotshot has some measure of brooding genius persona about him. And that has lots to do with his turn in Ex Machina as an eccentric billionaire inventor, as well as his tormented turn as folk musician Llewyn Davis in that Coen Brothers picture. While I admit I'd be dubious if Josh Hartnett told me he discovered a resonance cascade between dimensions, Isaac could easily get me to buy into that gibberish.

I feel that the stoicism that Freeman is saddled with due to his lack of speech is something that Isaac could still retain in the role, even with dialogue. In Drive he plays a reluctantly relapsed criminal and the brooding conflict between his family and his career as a thug is something that could easily apply to the scientist forced into being an action hero. In a way, that seems to be the theme of Isaac's career: the compartmentalized, nuanced actor pushed into the sci-fi action role.

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