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Five Actors Who Should Voice Toy Story 4

Firefilm | 12 Jan 2016 16:00
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Dwayne Johnson Hercules 2014 (cropped)

2. Dwayne Johnson

Why not? The man formerly known as The Rock and now better known as "Franchise Viagra" has a recognizable voice that people love, great comedic timing, and even a few connections to juggernaut toy lines. Wouldn't his commanding baritone seem simultaneously unexpected and appropriate coming from a musclebound plastic doll?

This is easy writing, too. Johnson could clearly play...G.I. Joe, or more likely the in-universe stand-in named "Combat Carl." Not only is this a fun little nod to his career, it's a hyper-masculine character for the elder statesmen Buzz and Woody to clash with, particularly in regards to little Bonnie and her affinity for "boy" toys. If we're talking "Firefly" terms, Johnson's Combat Carl would be the Jayne Cobb of Toy Story.

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