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6 Actors to Play David Bowie (All At Once)

Firefilm | 20 Jan 2016 15:00
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Tom Hiddleston by Gage Skidmore 2

5. Tom Hiddleston (as one part of Tin Machine)

Hiddleston might be Loki to most moviegoers, but his magnetic and altogether different performance as Hank Williams shows the depth of his acting ability and his musical ability. He'd easily be on the shortlist of actors who could acceptably recreate that Bowie essence. And I would love to see him do so during an era of the music icon's career that is always unfairly overlooked: the days of Bowie as one fourth of the hard rock group Tin Machine.

The public, the record label, and even Bowie himself had so much trouble accepting his new role in a democratically-organized group with simplistic hard rock sound that it barely went beyond one album. Hiddleston's Bowie would be captivating to watch as he argues over album cover art, tries to balance solo work with group appearances, and ultimately fail to blend in because Bowie could never just blend in.

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