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6 Actors to Play David Bowie (All At Once)

Firefilm | 20 Jan 2016 15:00
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Willem Dafoe The Hunter (6184921184)

6. Willem Dafoe (as the Elder Statesman)

The later years of Bowie have been called many things. I've seen it referred to as his "neoclassicist" period. Which I feel Bowie would smirk at. This era is marked by Bowie's status as a living legend who enjoyed collaborating with eclectic musicians and singers, including Arcade Fire, Kashmir, and (no fooling) Scarlett Johansson. Of course, this era is also marked by his declining health due to cancer and a heart attack that prematurely ended his 2004 tour.

Now, we all know Dafoe. He's that guy who always goes big. And Bowie is another guy who knows his way around over-the-top spectacles. The pairing fits like a glove, as the last years of Bowie were marked as the strangest, the least interested in everyone's expectations, and the most wildly confident. It would be a perfect send-off for Dafoe to portray the "spirit is willing, flesh is weak" dilemma of the heart attack and finish off the Ballad of Bowie with a triumphant reveal of the man's last album, Blackstar.

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