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6 Actors For Stephen King's The Stand

Firefilm | 24 Feb 2016 15:00
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Elizabeth Olsen SDCC 2014 2 (cropped)

2. Elizabeth Olsen as Frannie Goldsmith

In the novel, college-age Frannie is in the middle of a falling out with her parents over her pregnancy when the flu devastates her small Maine community. Once united with the Free Zone survivors, she is frequently given the position of moral compass during heated arguments. She's a symbol of purity and hope for the future that is understandably diminished following the collapse of society, and her child is the embodiment of uncertainty and motivation to survive and rebuild.

Olsen would be an ideal Frannie specifically because she would keep the character relatively innocent and reasoned without devolving into a weepy caricature. Say what you want about the American remake of Oldboy, because it is needless and tone-deaf. But amidst the jarringly somber movie Olsen does quite a bit of characterization with very little material. She was also memorable in Avengers: Age of Ultron for the unhinged approach to the Scarlet Witch, and being memorable in an ensemble cast of twenty A-list stars is exactly what The Stand demands.

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