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6 Actors For Stephen King's The Stand

Firefilm | 24 Feb 2016 15:00
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Nichelle Nichols by Gage Skidmore

3. Nichelle Nichols as Mother Abigail

It's not precisely a great compliment to Nichols that I feel she could portray a 108-year old Midwestern prophet. At 83, she looks healthier than me. But I can't think of any appropriate actress who would be better as the beatific, enigmatic siren who draws all the lost lambs to each other and represents the inherent good that still exists in the tattered remains of society. Mother Abigail is a character who is one part hedge witch, two parts southern minister, and topped with an omnipotent Yoda/Oracle humor that is hard to mix properly.

Nichelle Nichols, forever remembered as Lt. Uhura of the original starship Enterprise, has filled out the later years of her career embracing the geek genre, with roles on "Heroes" and voicing characters in video games and sci-fi cartoons. She commands so much respect as a performer and still has a playful spirit and magnetism that are essential to the character.

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