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6 Actors For Stephen King's The Stand

Firefilm | 24 Feb 2016 15:00
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Adam Driver by Gage Skidmore

5. Adam Driver as Nick Andros

As divisive as Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is, especially the latest big baddy Kylo Ren, everyone can agree that Adam Driver's boyish petulance and wiry frame made for a distinctly new approach to villainy in that faraway galaxy. But it's the quiet moments where Driver does his best acting in the blockbuster: the robotic telepathic interrogation, the mounting fear at Rey's ability, the pain and conflict when confronted by Han Solo. His character on HBO's "Girls" is equally abrasive but is more emotionally guarded.

Driver would get the acting challenge he deserves with the role of Nick, the most outwardly heroic and consequently downtrodden of characters in the novel. Deaf and unattached to anyone, Nick is a drifter who sees visions of Mother Abigail in between being beaten by rednecks and caring for his simple buddy Tom Cullen. Nick is fiercely intelligent and instinctively decent, but perpetually frustrated with the people around him. Driver's standoffish demeanor in several roles and his expressive physicality would match Nick's unheard turmoil with a fitting intensity.

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