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5 Actresses Who Should Play Samus Aran

Firefilm | 2 Mar 2016 15:00
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4. Kate Mara

Yes, I'm continuing my crusade to save the acting careers of the Floptastic Four. And Kate Mara deserves it the most. Reportedly, she was treated like utter garbage by the director who objected to her casting from the very beginning. I have no idea why; Mara is a fantastic actress. She showed such nuance on the Netflix series "House of Cards," wherein she got to play the naive young politico who is shown behind the dirty curtain, the savvy seductress, and the amoral conspirator all in one season.

Sure, that's not exactly a resume for a sci-fi action flick, but it speaks to her range. While the recent Fox superhero bomb did her no favors, it did prove that she's at home in an arch, over-heightened reality and somewhat silly choreography. Even her supporting role in The Martian shows a comfort with green screen. Her prolonged maneuvers through a zero-gravity hallway act as a great audition for the demanding production environment. I do think that her Samus would probably have a CGI-aided suit of armor akin to Iron Man, but that works just fine.

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