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5 Child Actor Movies That Make Guys Cry

Firefilm | 22 Oct 2014 09:00
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4. The NeverEnding Story
Most of you just broke down crying right now. I'm so sorry. This film is the simple story of a boy who reads a book, and finds the lines between his imagination and reality blurring. I'm not going to lie: It's pretty fantastic.

Again we see the same theme of children not being masters of their own fate. The book reader is bullied and retreats into his books to escape reality. Both the child reading the book and the child actors within the book's story do a superb job of selling the fantasy setting, and several adult actors could take a page or two out of this book.

Did you like the horse that the in-book protagonist had? Did you cry when the horse lost all hope? Did you lose your freaking sh*t when, due to losing all hope, the horse slowly drowned in a marsh while the boy watched and cried? If you have a soul you did.

5. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
This film could not have succeeded with bad child actors, it's just that simple. Steven Spielberg is known for his ability to produce childhood wonder to the point that J.J. Abrams tried to replicate it with Super-8 -- and fairly successfully I might add. But if I had to choose one, I'll go with the original. This film is so much from the child's perspective that the evil government is barely humanized. Most of the shots are from waist high, reenforcing the point of view of a child.

This one's so old and beloved that it feels almost unnecessary to go into the scene that makes us cry, but here it goes: E.T. begins to die, presumably due to being separated from Elliott, the boy he emotionally imprinted on. As both the alien and the boy start to die, no one knows what to do. Sure, the government agents know how to resuscitate humans, but E.T.? They basically give him oxygen and put thumbs in their butts. When the human boy's life is bound to E.T.'s fate, and his fate is in the hands of those with thumbs up their becomes a hard scene to watch without tearing up.

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