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5 Minor Character Death Films That Make Guys Cry

Firefilm | 18 Feb 2015 09:00
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4. The Mummy - Winston

The Mummy is a pretty enjoyable movie. It's not going to win any Oscars, and it's sequels descended into straight-to-DVD crap, but the first one was a big thing at the time. Brendan Fraser running around trying to be Indiana Jones and doing...not the worst job at it. Sure, some jerky Americans die due to the Mummy curse, but we're never expected to care about them. Who were we supposed to care about? Winston.

Winston was the alcohol and PTSD-riddled World War I pilot that spent his days drinking himself into a fountain, recounting stories of his past glory. Fraser is running around doing whatever it is Fraser does, and asks Winston to fly him somewhere. Winston agrees, because what else is he supposed to do? Winston immediately dies due to Mummy-related hazards, and his body sinks into the sand. Sure they mention that he always wanted to die in action, but Winston got a raw deal. He wanted to die in action because he found the notion glorious; medals, posthumous knighthood, for Queen and country...all that rot. And he gets none of it. He just disappears into the sand with no one to remember his sacrifice.
5. The Matrix - Switch and Apoc

Remember how everyone in the first Matrix looked so cool? Everyone had sweet moves, cool clothes, and oddly amazing sunglasses at night. Everyone except Switch and Apoc. Switch tries to be emo and cool by calling Neo "Copper-top," and we keep waiting for her and Apoc to actually earn their keep by doing something badass. Then they don't.

These two get the honor of demonstrating the concept of what happens when someone jacked into the Matrix gets unplugged before they're ready. Spoiler-alert: they die immediately. The fear of someone standing over your sleeping body, and flipping the "Off" switch while you're talking to them over speakerphone, begging them not to is bad enough. Add the fact that they went out like such punks, when everyone else got to be 1,000% all about style, just makes it sad. Switch's pleading little "Not like this," plea is the real gut punch. After being freed from the virtual prison and learning how to bend the rules to become uber-fighters, nothing must have been more painful that just dropping dead without so much as a whimper.

Especially because Cipher wanted to be plugged back into the Matrix so he could eat steak all day as his new persona...Joe Pantoliano, the important actor.

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