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5 Movies with Dark Twists that Make Guys Cry

Firefilm | 29 Apr 2015 10:30
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DISCLAIMER: This is not a series dedicated to proving men shouldn't cry, or to suggest ONLY women cry and are therefore inferior. The goal of this series is to dispel the pre-established (yet flawed) notion that being "manly" and being disconnected from your emotions go hand-in-hand. Even the most macho of men enjoy and even shed a tear at films, and the sooner we can admit that the sooner the concept that one sex is better than the other can go away. While the approach to these articles is one of light-hearted comedy, the emotional core is valid. While men might be more hesitant to admit it, movies often times have the potential to make us cry, for example:

"Dark Twists"

A twist in a movie's plot can change the entire context of the previous run time, necessitating a repeat viewing armed with the newly revealed knowledge. It can also be a crutch that CERTAIN directors lean on so heavily that they've become identified as "That guy with the twists". If you know who I'm talking about, I rest my case.

Normal movie twists can reveal a secret enemy, a hidden agenda, or simply inject excitement into the third act. A "dark twist" is a twist that not only follows those guidelines, but also depresses the hell out of the audience. Finding out Darth Vader was Luke's father was a great twist, but it didn't exactly make people want to eat their feelings. Finding out Bruce Willis was dead the entire time is pretty sad, especially when you realize his wife didn't hate him and was ignoring him, but rather loved him and missed him. I refuse to put any of "His" twist movies on this list on principle alone, but there are plenty of other examples, such as...

1. Dark City

Did you know this movie's on Blu-ray now? NO?! Go get it! I love this film so much I've watched it on laserdisc. Who does that? This movie is a great film noir, which usually means there's a twist baked in when we find out "Whodunit". This film not only turns that concept on its head, but then flushes it out the airlock on the spaceship you didn't know you were on. (foreshadowing?)

The main character is framed for murder, but because of amnesia he doesn't even know if he's truly innocent. Then the movie says BTW, there's weird pale guys that fly around at night when everyone else falls asleep and change things. THEN the movie says BTW the pale guys are creatures that are fiddling with people's memories. THEN, when you don't think you can take any more, the film says BTW the ENTIRE CITY they are in is actually a spaceship and no one has any memories of where Earth is or even how long they've been abducted. That's the part that really gut-punches me at the end, that even though the aliens are expelled there's no hope at all of going home. They're all stuck on this extremely cramp rat maze of a city in the middle of space.

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