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5 Manly Death Scenes that Make Guys Cry

Firefilm | 6 May 2015 12:30
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2. Fellowship of the Rings: Boromir

Poor Sean Bean. The joke is that he dies in every movie he's in (and most TV shows as well) but not all deaths are alike. In Lord of the Rings Sean plays the weak-willed Boromir, a man tempted by the one ring to the point that he's looked down upon by the other questers. Oh that weak Boromir, don't leave him alone with Frodo. But when the orcs attacked and push came to shove, Boromir did what needed to be done.

Fighting off orcs is one thing. Fighting off orcs with an arrow in your chest the size of a tree branch is another. Fighting off orcs with SEVERAL tree-branch sized arrows in your chest is a thing of legend. The baddie was prepared to fire a super-arrow at point blank range right at Sean's head JUST TO STOP THIS GUY! That, good friends, is how you redeem yourself.

3. 300: Leonidas

This entire film is manly. It's rare for a guy not to have a six pack, and even rarer for any male to wear a shirt. Muscles and dirt and sweat...good god was this a porno? NO, it's a hyper-secure in your masculinity awesome-fest, and even has Sarah Conner/Queen Cersi in the background stabbing bad guys and frowning for good measure. With an entire movie dedicated to how badass the 300 Spartans were, it's no wonder their leader's final breath would be on this list.

Leonidas fights with his men so ferociously they stave off numbers 100X greater than themselves for days. When their time finally came, Leonidas looked at his fallen comrades and decided he'd rather die fighting than bow to the Persian tyrant. His final spear throw, not killing the god king but proving he's human. The shear amount of arrows sticking out of Leonidas' chest after this was a physical representation of how much energy the enemy had to expend to kill this man. manly.

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