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5 Manly Death Scenes that Make Guys Cry

Firefilm | 6 May 2015 12:30
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4. Jaws: Quint

Jaws may not seem the obvious choice because it's a bit older, but it set a lot of rules that cinema still works with. Plus it invented the pull-zoom which is awesome.

Introducing himself as a shark-killing expert, Quint was the tough-as-nails grizzled old-timer that every monster killing adventure needs. Many times modern movies will show a character such as this, only to dilute his awesomeness throughout the film and prove the newer, less experienced crewmembers to be better. Not old Quint. He snarls and projects pure hate at the shark throughout, and when the animal jumps on his boat and starts to eat him, does Quint give up? NO QUINT DOES NOT GIVE UP! He stabs the shark while simultaneously being eaten by it. QUINT! YOU'RE MY BOY, QUINT! YOU STAB THAT SHARK, YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD!

5. Terminator 2: Ahhhnold

I had to wrestle this 5th spot between the Terminator and the half-Vulcan, but ultimately Spock was disqualified. Even though Spock's death stands as one of the most powerful cinematic deaths ever filmed (drops mic), Spock did perform a save-game with Bones right before sacrificing himself. It's an asterisk at most, but it tipped the vote.

As for Arnold Shvatszinhoofer, we have him defining manly and macho throughout the film. Linda Hamilton then out macho's him, and then he out macho's her. It was a cold war of macho.

In the end, Ahhyynnoold knows he needs to destroy himself to ensure his kind are never created (that worked out perfectly, didn't it?). It's not the self-sacrifice that made him macho, and it's not that he goes out without whining (he's a robot, after all), it's the gesture he gives John as he's melting. A simple thumbs up, signifying not only that the time they've spent together meant something to him, but that everything was going to be OK. Powerful, simply, emotional, and manly.

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