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5 Character-Overreacting Movies That Make Guys Cry

Firefilm | 10 Jun 2015 12:30
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2. Cast Away

Immediately you know what scene I'm talking about. Perhaps the king of all overreactions to trivial things, Tom Hanks loses a volleyball that he'd pretended was a person for the last four years and totally falls apart. And we fall apart with him.

What started as something to keep his mind sharp ended up fully transforming into anthropomorphizing a ball into someone Hanks bawls his eyes out when he loses it/him. For heaven's sakes, he built Wilson (the ball's name) his own little crow's nest on the raft. Resources were limited and Hanks could have left the ball/friend behind. Instead, he was planning on keeping that ball forever I guess, but the fates had other plans. The scene when Tom is reaching out for Wilson as the tides separate them further and further...the feels.

3. A Christmas Story

The tears from this movie are more tears of admiration. A manly tribute to a little boy who had been pushed too far. Ralphy wanted a toy that his parents wouldn't give him, his mom made the same meal every night, his dad was cold and brutal, and his neighborhood was plagued by bullies. At a certain point, a man can only take so much.

A snowball to the face is all it took. Nothing to commit murder over, and certainly nothing to pick a fight with someone bigger and older than you for either. But ol' yellow eyes picked the wrong day to throw a snowball at the wrong face. We stand up and cheer as we watch Ralphy lose his freaking mind and start pummeling his would-be bully until blood is gushing out the victim's nose. Who knows how far he would have gone had his mother not intervened. Let that be a lesson to all bullies: sometimes you step on a landmine.

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