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5 Character-Overreacting Movies That Make Guys Cry

Firefilm | 10 Jun 2015 12:30
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4. The World's End

This movie was funny, but becomes less so if you can identify at all with Simon Pegg's character. The point of this person's existence is to stay firmly in the past, and he ridicules all his friends for moving on with their lives while he pretends he hasn't aged or even has the need to. While they have families and responsibilities, he has the same jacket he had in high school. And when aliens start to body-snatch the entire town, his love of nothing changing is thrown into a hard contrast with a force offering just that.

The person who actually loses his shit is Bill Nye, or at least the alien intelligence that Bill voices. Simon Pegg realizes that despite the allure of being young and unchanging, he would be falling in line and taking instructions from someone, anyone, and that doesn't sit with him. While he makes some good points about humanity not wanting to be subjugated even if it's for our own good, ultimately he just argues until Bill Nye gives up. OK, fine, no harm no foul. BILL NYE BLOWS UP THE ENTIRE PLANET!? Plunging humanity back to the dark ages? OVERREACT MUCH?! It was just a frustrating argument by one human, way to overgeneralize.

5. Elysium

Not the best movie, but interesting concepts and effects. One of which is the all-in-one medical bed that not only diagnoses any and all diseases, but fixes them too! Throw nano-bots and genetic scanning around all you want; it's basically a magic bed. And Matt Damon wants one or he dies due to radiation poisoning. Perhaps the rest of humanity would appreciate one too, but they're who cares?

Preventing Matt from magically healing himself is Kruger (Sharlto Copley), a cybernetic-augmented crazy person who works for the richies on the space station, but lives on the dirty cardboard box that is Earth. He chases Matt for a while, and then takes a grenade in the face, but magic beds rebuild him. Then something very weird happens: Kruger looks at his new scar-less face in the mirror and goes bat-shit insane. He decides he should be running the space station for no reason and starts killing everyone. WHY?! Because he wasn't put together right? Because he couldn't rectify the psychological damage that was done with his now pristine face? Because it was a sloppy movie? Whatever the reason, this dude was pushed just a little too far.

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