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Best Movies Made in Spite of Their Ridiculous Directors

Firefilm | 27 Aug 2015 15:00
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2. Million Dollar Baby
This movie is one of those that is great to watch up until a certain point. If you've seen the film, you know the moment I'm referring to, and if you haven't seen it then I won't spoil. Suffice to say, that one moment is what makes guys cry, through both the shock and injustice of it. Aside from directing, Clint Eastwood plays the role of a grizzled boxing trainer who's convinced to work with a female boxer. Good lord, a female athlete?! It's one of the more entertaining and powerful sports movies to watch, as is most of Clint's works.
That doesn't mean Clint Eastwood isn't cuckoo-bananas. More recently he jokingly threatened that shooting Michael Moore would be a good idea. Prior to that, he made headlines by yelling at an empty chair for 10 minutes, pretending that Obama was sitting there. One of his several wives was 35 years younger than him...and they had a child together. The man's played a tough guy so long, it's seeped into his grey matter. The worst part is that he's probably never going to play Wolverine in Old Man Logan.

3. Citizen Kane
Considered the greatest film ever made by those who value the craft of film over modern sensibilities of entertainment, Citizen Kane actually is a masterpiece. Bearing some thematic similarities to Animal Farm, it follows a poor boy who gains wealth and reputation, then turns into the rich 1% monster that he grew up hating. The journey that the film takes and the attention to details utilized are staggering, though not surprising coming from Orson Welles. The stories go that Orson and crew would stay up every night of shooting till 2:00 AM, drinking and planning shots, then barely sleep and do it all again. And that's the normal part of Orson.
Remember when he tricked half of New York into thinking Martians were attacking, due to his radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds" on Halloween? Remember when he demanded so much creative control and was so notoriously hard to work with that no studio would touch him? Remember when he was forced to star in a frozen pea (the vegetable) commercial just to finance his works? We remember.

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