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Best Movies Made in Spite of Their Ridiculous Directors

Firefilm | 27 Aug 2015 15:00
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DISCLAIMER: This is not a series dedicated to proving men shouldn't cry, or to suggest ONLY women cry and are therefore inferior. The goal of this series is to dispel the pre-established (yet flawed) notion that being "manly" and being disconnected from your emotions go hand-in-hand. Even the most macho of men enjoy and even shed a tear at films, and the sooner we can admit that the sooner the concept that one sex is better than the other can go away. While the approach to these articles is one of light-hearted comedy, the emotional core is valid. While men might be more hesitant to admit it, movies often times have the potential to make us cry, for example:

"Movies with Ridiculous Directors"

The general public has a very simplified view of how a movie is made. We know about producers, actors, and directors, but the exact lines where those jobs begin and end are somewhat blurred. If a film is great, who do you congratulate? If the film is terrible, who do you blame? In reality there are hundreds of jobs at every point from pre-production through post-production, and a film really takes a life of its own with that many cooks in the kitchen. Like "Twitch plays X", everyone pulls each decision in a million different directions. But there must always be a captain, and that captain is the Director. Can a movie be terrible despite a great director? Sometimes yes, but can a movie be great despite the director being bat-shit insane? As a matter of fact, here's a list of five times that has occurred!

1. Braveheart
It's clear why this film is emotional, and we've spoken about it in the past. The machismo that Mel Gibson shows as he's being tortured, not giving up his fellow people despite the horror being inflicted upon him deserves a manly tear. The iconic blue-and-white face paint has become an enduring symbol of the underdogs rising up against oppression. And there was even a time where Mel Gibson wasn't as insane as we all know him now to be. But much like William Wallace, that time is gone.
At first it was small. Mel was caught making anti-Semitic slurs while drunk, and it was almost accepted that he wasn't in his right mind. Then it happened again and we realized that his right mind WAS the racist one. Then his girlfriend filed a restraining order against him. Now Mel Gibson is fondly remembered as a talented director and actor yet currently feared as a racist, sexist, anti-Semitic crazy man. Mad Max, indeed.

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