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5 Gory, Required Viewing Adult Halloween Movies

Firefilm | 8 Oct 2015 12:00
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Last month we went over a list of Family Halloween movies; films that get you in the mood for spooky and scary while being appropriate for ghouls and goblins of all ages. This week they've metaphorically gone to bed, and it's time for the grown-ups to get the remote. Halloween, and really the month of October, are the one time of year horror and fright are not only allowed but expected. You start hanging up fake spiders in your house in March and your dinner guests will "lose" their invitations, but around Halloween it's time to be as gross and terrifying as possible. Sure, some women try to dress as slutty as possible (or at least the costume companies want them to), but that's just poor souls who've lost their way. If you truly want to get in the Horror mood, there are a few movies you have to watch. Here are my picks:

1. The Evil Dead

The sequel is great, the remake is fantastic, but you cannot, cannot call your October successful without watching the movie that influenced so many others. Evil Dead is like the power core of all cabin in the woods movies, so much so that the movie Cabin in the Woods practically uses the same building. Despite (or perhaps thanks to) a shoestring budget, Sam "Spider-Man" Raimi, Bruce "Hail to the King" Campbell, and the crew had to invent cheap yet effective ways to scare the audience. They succeeded to such a degree that there were two sequels and a remake, AND this month we're seeing a TV continuation with the same chisel-chinned star.

Many who grew up only watching the more polished sequels don't know that the original actually ended with Bruce Campbell losing. He has to watch his girlfriend get possessed, has to kill her, then her body is possessed, he has to kill that, and then in the end he gets attacked and the film ends. He couldn't save anyone and then he dies. Kinda bummer, let's lighten the mood with Army of Darkness.

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