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Guys Cry at These 5 Movies About Family

Firefilm | 12 Nov 2015 15:00
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2. Elf
A modern classic of a Christmas movie with Will Ferrell in it (which will never feel normal saying out loud), people love this movie. Whether it's Will's hyper yet supernaturally genuine enthusiasm of everything ever, or the deadpan reactions of everyone around him, it's just fun to watch. A human raised by elves could have been a disaster, as well as just adding family drama to the Christmas motif doesn't equal success (see Fred Claus to see this done horribly wrong). The film wisely brushes off the "He thinks he's elf people" idea early on, and then spends the rest of the film with Ferrell trying to reconnect with his estranged father. The holidays are just a catalyst allowing Ferrell's dad to realize family is more important than work.

Around the edges there is sadness to Ferrell's story. First off, his mother had him and didn't tell his father. Then she gave him up for adoption and died. Then Ferrell crawled into Santa's bag and NO ONE SEEMED TO CARE A BABY WAS MISSING! No wonder he's intellectually stunted, it's probably a form of coping with severe depression.

3. Planes, Trains, & Automobiles
I added the oxford comma to the title, you're welcome. Many may remember this as one of John Candy's best movies this side of Cool Runnings, but others remember it as a rare movie about Thanksgiving instead of Christmas (Must be a war on Christmas, right Red Cuppers?) A road trip movie with Steve Martin trying to get to his family for Thanksgiving and having to deal with the walking disaster machine that is John Candy's hapless character, everything that can go wrong does. Steve Martin has a temper, John Candy is unthinking, but by the end the two of them are friends and everyone gets to enjoy Thanksgiving. HEAR THAT SISTER?!

After all the disasters of the movie, it's revealed that John doesn't even have a family to eat Thanksgiving with, being a widower of eight years. Steve invites him to eat with their family and everyone is happy, but after Thanksgiving John's still a widower whose low intelligence and capacity for accidents will probably lead him to an early grave. Then we remember that John Candy did die early, and then the room just goes all silent and morose. Sorry.

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