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Guys Cry at These 5 Movies About Family

Firefilm | 12 Nov 2015 15:00
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4. Home for the Holidays

Perhaps the movie my sister should watch the most, this is about a woman who's life is basically destroyed so fully within the first 10 minutes of the film, she's forced to live the only hell she knows - spending Thanksgiving with her family. Plus Robert Downy Jr. is in it as a gay relative, so how could you NOT watch it? The movie is very much a vent session, focusing on everyone yelling at everyone else everything that they've ever wanted to say, and then feeling conflicted about what they just said. In the end, the characters and we as the audience do feel that it's healthier and more cathartic to be open and honest with family members than bottle up feelings until they burst out. The protagonist, despite her life being in upheaval, feels more solid on her feet for spending time with her family even if they are frustrating.

That being said, it's definitely a "let me fix your problems with my penis" type of movie. She's still jobless at the end, but at least she has a new boyfriend? Yeah, that doesn't really fix things that urgently need to be fixed. Sorry.

5. Home Alone

Remember when this movie wasn't just a straight-to-DVD mess? Pepperidge Farm remembers, and so do I. In a rare reversal of form, the movie starts out with the entire family together rather than having the big meal as the end payoff. Of course the character-building of this early meal shows that everyone takes everyone else for granted, and feels it's ok to be dicks all around. Sure Macaulay Culkin is a spoiled brat, but with a family like his we're not surprised. The bulk of the movie is a young child at first enjoying his absent family, and then mourning their absence, with the signature "Wet Bandits" shenanigans thrown in for tons of fun.

Every time we cut back to his parents however, we see grief-stricken adults who both realize they've screwed up in the short term, and REALLY screwed up in the long term. As if that wasn't enough, the creepy neighbor-turned savior old man reveals he's got an estranged family that he'd love to reconnect with, if only he knew how. Everyone in this cinematic universe just wants to be with their family and in the end they all show how great it is to be together SISTER WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?!

(sobs in corner)

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