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5 Movies About Being Trapped Underground That Will Make Men Cry

Firefilm | 3 Dec 2015 12:00
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2. Buried
Anyone who thinks Ryan Reynolds should fire his agent at this point either hasn't seen the trailer for Deadpool, or hasn't seen this film. In what could have totally been a complete disaster but ended up working, the entire film takes place inside a coffin. Ryan being the sole occupant, talks to several people through his rapidly dying cellphone. The sense of restriction that Ryan feels is 100% transferred to the audience that yearns, begs, NEEDS to get out of that box. Show another angle, do a flashback, anything...but no. Unidentified terrorists capture him in the middle east, attempt to ransom him, and his US contact tries to assist from across the world (and 6 feel up).
I won't spoil the ending, because that's part of the impact of the film, but there is one part where Ryan hears digging. Then he hears voices saying they've found him. Then he sees the lid being pried open. Then the lid is lifted and he sees light.

Then he stops imagining all that and is back in the box. Ouch.

3. The Cave
This is the direction that The Decent could have gone in if they opted for more CG and less acting talent. That being said, this was a much higher budgeted film and was kind of a so bad it's good deal at its release. Similar structure, people go into a cave and encounter some creatures, only this time it's parasites that turn the infected into demon-like bat creatures. It's hokey but beautiful and very stylistic, with the director working previously on Dark City and The Matrix as an assistant director. Sometimes you just want to watch a bunch of people in a cave get murdered, right?

The ending of this film bodes poorly for the human race and always bothers me. Perhaps the people who decided America couldn't handle the ending of The Decent were right. One of the remaining humans reveals she's infected with the parasite, then walks into a crowd and is lost, hinting that we're all doomed. Wonderful, and I was only three weeks away from retirement.

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