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5 Movies About Being Trapped Underground That Will Make Men Cry

Firefilm | 3 Dec 2015 12:00
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4. As Above, so Below

Giving how creepy the catacombs under Paris are in real life, I'm surprised there aren't tons more movies that take place there. This one in particular was actually shot on-site with the approval of the French Government, who probably assumed everyone involved would be swallowed by Hell itself anyways. The plot is somewhat lost amidst the found-footage cliche, but basically some researchers go looking for the philosopher's stone, and for some reason it's in Paris. As they are forced lower and lower due to cave-ins, cultists, and just plain getting lost, eventually they start getting taunted by demons and apparitions of personal torment. Good times are had by all...before they die.

What really gets me in this story is the protagonist's father was obsessed with finding the stone, and hanged himself after going insane looking for it. That's all fine and good, but even after the daughter finds the stone, she's still plagued by images of him hanging. She just proved him right, her inner demons should be giving her a slow clap. But no, they just keep twisting the knife. Jerks.

5. The Divide

This last one is not very deep underground, really just a bomb shelter in a basement. The title refers to both the separation between the surface (which was just nuked to all hell) and the relative safety of the shelter, but also the thin line between civilized society and women discussing who they should sleep with so that they're not murdered, hacked up, and thrown in the septic tank. Yea, it's that kind of movie. You're going to feel very dirty after watching it, probably needing a shower or two, but it's worth it.

The sad part? I mean, besides all of it? I'd say it's when the less macho guy realizes that once civilization has ended and "might makes right" kicks in, he's really on the losing end of the stick. And then he loses. Because of the stick.

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