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5 Not-Really Christmas Movies that Make Guys Cry

Firefilm | 7 Jan 2016 16:30
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4. Gremlins

The first film was pure horror, the second one more parody comedy, but both were stories of creatures that kill for fun. We all know the rules of the Mogwai: don't feed after midnight, don't get wet. Of course both of those things happen all the time, and in this film they just happen to occur during Christmas. Once again the juxtaposition of a joyous holiday and murder/death/kills creates a more memorable film than, say, one taking place during Flag Day. I hear that they're planning on rebooting the franchise, or maybe just continuing it in a third installment. I'm on board with all of that, but I would hope they once again set the story during the holidays.

The sad part is actually a touch of meta. Remember Zach Galligan, the curly-haired protagonist? He did this film and was on fire, but he chose to finish school just in case he didn't make it big. The result: the "Gremlin" heat cooled off and besides the sequel and Waxworks, he was never in any movie you've ever heard of. Oh Billy, you deserved better.

5. Home Alone

A boy is accidentally left behind by his family when they go on vacation, and his freedom is cut short by the need to thwart two robbers from burglarizing his house. This didn't need to take place during Christmas, hell, it could have been a summer cruise that the family left during. The filmmakers chose Christmas to drive home the "You miss your family during the holidays" theme, but what everyone remembers from this film are the hilarious traps foiling the would-be criminals. The sequel was fun as well, and anyone who felt that leaving your child twice is a dumb idea/product of the times, I present the Taken franchise.

The saddest part of the film is when Kevin's neighbor, the lonely street salter, opens up about not talking to his family for a very long time. This man represents a more realistic portrayal of someone who wanted to be alone and got his wish, and the raw emotion of that scene still resonates even amidst the swinging paint cans and burning-hot doorknobs.

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