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5 Movies with Horrible Presidents that Make Guys Cry

Firefilm | 18 Feb 2016 12:00
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4. Absolute Power

Would you call this a Clint Eastwood movie, an Ed Harris movie, or a Gene Hackman movie? With such acting power being thrown around it's hard to say. Hackman gets to be president in this film, and like all of us can relate to, he accidentally kills his adulteress. Clint "The Clint" Eastwood happened to be robbing the house at the time and witnesses the crime, deciding to bring the President to justice. Oh, did I forget to mention that the President had the chief of staff cover up the crime? Cause he did. It's a tense movie and fun to see all the great actors trying to outfox each other. Not the highest bar for a President though.

The sad part is that the President commits suicide. Sure, he accidentally had his secret service kill a lady, but on the global stage impeachment and imprisonment is better than suicide. America will go from being treated as a world leader to a high-risk mental patient from now on in this fictional universe, and that's just sad.

5. Scary Movie 3

You may be saying to yourself "But these movies are barely satire, and mostly boob and poop jokes." You're right, but the late great Leslie Neilson was president in 2 of them, and what a president he was. A dolt surrounded by barely more competent morons, Leslie's marketable skills were that he could be cowardly and pee out of his finger. Really if that's what got him elected president in the fictional universe of these movies, can you imagine how this society even functions? This one's a soft ball for sure, but any president who is more Mr. Magoo than anything else needs to be honored. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if President Harris (Neilson) was the president before President Camacho.

What's sad in a movie like this? That we don't have Leslie Neilson anymore.

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