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These 2016 Oscar Nominees Make Guys Cry

Firefilm | 25 Feb 2016 12:00
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2. Mad Max: Fury Road

Honestly I'm just glad this is here. A movie so awesome that the Blu-ray shoots flames, a movie so intense that it runs on nitro boosters, a movie so fat that yo mama looks thin by comparison. If The Martian kept me on the edge of my seat, this film had me humping the silver screen. Every character is the reason you watch this film. Furiosa, Immortan Joe, Max (I guess), the old ladies, R from Warm's just perfect. The use of practical effects pushes it over the limit, and then the guy on bungee cords playing a flame-throwing guitar strapped to a truck full of drummers just ignites the TNT of our hearts. The fact that they had all that plus a compelling message of equality and self-respect is beyond comprehension. This is totally a heavy hitter for this year's Oscar.

The hodge-podge religion of the villains is based on earning your place in the afterlife. Beast from X-men: First Class reveals that he's dying and wants to earn his place quick, but when he borks his chance in front of his "God" all is lost in his mind. He's known he was going to die, but for the first time there's a finality to that death. It's a made up religion, but he believes it so dearly that you can't help but feel for him.

3. Ex Machina

Not nominated for best picture but it did score a lesser nomination. This film currently is free to stream on Amazon Prime, and if you are in the mood to not trust your household appliances anymore I would highly recommend a viewing. It's a small story, not needing to be huge or flashy to get it's point across. In a very deceptive way, both the film and the robot within trick the audience as to what the purpose of the narrative is about. Is it a commentary on humanity's quest for A.I., is it a cautionary tale of isolated genius, or is it a slow-burning horror movie about the abuses of science? You have to watch it to find out, but you definitely should.

Hard to point out the moment of sadness without revealing too much of a recent movie's plot, but there's a point that the main character realizes he's being played. I mean played hard. Again with the wisdom of Bane, his hope of being special is dashed by ulterior motives. What he does with that realization is key to the plot, but it's very somber to watch.

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