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Bob Chipman | 19 May 2014 12:00
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thunder paradise

Thunder in Paradise
A notorious entry in the "Baywatch, but with a ______" genre, this series had Hulk Hogan and another guy who was not Hulk Hogan as a pair of former Navy SEALs living on the Florida coast and working as freelance vigilante mercenaries, which they must balance with being father figures to The Hulkster's young daughter. "Thunder" is the name of their custom-built weaponized speedboat, which they use on their missions and because it mandates that a large percentage of the action scenes have to happen near places where women in bathing suits are.

Most of it was shot on various resort locations in Walt Disney World, and parts of Disney's EPCOT Center were used for exteriors and interiors that called for a "futuristic" look. Notably, the show (which only lasted 22 episodes) was turned into an FMV CD-Rom game for the infamous Philips CDi; the results of which were predictably horrible. But in an unusual move, the live-action footage shot for the game was actually repurposed into an actual two-part episode of the show.

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