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Learning to Love Bad TV

Bob Chipman | 19 May 2014 12:00
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"The Night Man" was a Malibu Comics character briefly made part of the Marvel Universe when they purchased their onetime competitor. For some reason, somebody decided he needed a TV show, which wound up running a shocking 44 episodes.

Nightman's powers? He doesn't need to sleep. Well, he can also "sense" evil, but the whole not-sleeping thing is his real central gimmick: He has a whole night to fill up, and instead of catching up on work or getting a hobby he opts to become a seriously less-interesting version of Batman. Again, somehow they got two full seasons out of this guy; because it was the 90s and just seeing sort of a superhero running around once a week was kind of a novelty.

Still, the series at least had a sense of its own pedigree: One heavily-hyped (for syndication) episode featured a team-up with Simon MacCorkindale as his infamous 80s TV hero Manimal.

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