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Learning to Love Bad TV

Bob Chipman | 19 May 2014 12:00
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Beastmaster: The Series
Let's get one thing straight: Don Coscarelli's fondly remembered '80s cable mainstay THE BEASTMASTER is... not actually all that good, though it is fun. But anything was better than this, surely the laziest of the dozens of Hercules/Xena rip-offs that seemed to get made out of every fantasy franchise anyone could get their hands on.

Future The Young & The Restless player Daniel Goddard took over for Marc Singer as Dar, while a succession of model/actor beefcakes and pinups who'd never be heard from again (and also Isla Fischer) drifted through the surprising three complete seasons as various villagers, damsels and baddies. At least they had the presence of mind to get Grace Jones for one episode.

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