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8 Villains Who Could Menace The Flash

Bob Chipman | 13 Oct 2014 12:00
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There are plenty of DC villains who might show up on the new The Flash TV show, but which will be tapped for a small-screen appearance?

He's sometimes thought of as one of the less-overpowered members of the Justice League, but The Flash has always been able to claim superhero street-cred in the realm of enemies: The Scarlet Speedster's rogues gallery has been called one of the best in comics, comparable only to those of Spider-Man and Batman in terms of their diversity, size and notoriety.

The CW's new Flash TV series is taking full advantage of that sizable villain roster with heavy-hitters like Girder, Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, Pied Piper, Killer Frost, Captain Boomerang, Heat Wave, Multiplex, The Mist, Doctor Light, Professor Zoom and Gorilla Grodd all either having appeared or scheduled to appear as part of the show's first season.

Here are eight more costumed criminals who could be making Barry Allen's life in the fast lane difficult should the producers decide to delve deeper into the canon (or just start looking for characters with interesting/unique visual possibilities, since they've already apparently said "yes" to the enormous talking gorilla).

As origin-stories go, Abra Kadabra has a doozy: He's a regular guy who dreams of being a classic-style stage magician... who happens to have been born in the 64th Century -- a time where science has achieved such real-life miracles as to make stage magic completely obsolete. So he time-travels back to our era, looking to pass off technological wonders of his future world as "magic tricks" in ours, only to discover that future-tech is also really good for committing crimes.

An amusing tendency of Flash-enemies is to form mini-communities out of connections other than being nemeses of The Flash. In the case of Golden Glider, she's the sister of one villain (Captain Cold) and the lover of another (The Top). A world-class figure skater as a civilian, Golden Glider incorporates skating and ice-dancing techniques into her fighting style, making her a uniquely lethal opponent who also has a professional excuse to look as ridiculous as Flash enemies tend to look.

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