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What's on TV in 2015?

Bob Chipman | 5 Jan 2015 12:00
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Movies aren't the only thing to get excited for in 2015. Here's the TV shows we're looking forward to this year.

Not sure what to watch with your favorite shows gone for the winter? Fortunately, there's plenty of TV entertainment headed our way in 2015.

AGENT CARTER, Premieres on ABC, January 6
While Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. takes a month off to recharge its batteries after blowing up the Marvel Universe, Hayley Atwell gets seven weeks (night 1 is a double-length showing) to transform a reprisal of her starmaking turn from Captain America: The First Avenger into a new kind of TV girl-power icon. Though a decorated spy/soldier during WWII, Carter finds herself in the same boat as many women in the immediate postwar world -- namely, forced back into secondary positions as The Men return to their jobs. But when Howard Stark needs a hero's help keeping rogue technology out of villainous hands, she's the first person he turns to. Unlike Agents or the the Netflix projects, Marvel Studios is throwing the full weight of their film-production arm behind this one, so it should be pretty entertaining.

THE NIGHTLY SHOW WITH LARRY WILMORE, Premieres on Comedy Central, January 19
Previously titled The Minority Report With Larry Wilmore (the title was changed after a series actually based on the Minority Report franchise was greenlit), Comedy Central's replacement for the dearly-departed Colbert Report has been described as more of a direct counterpart to The Daily Show, but closely focused on news and current events humor from perspectives often ignored or mischaracterized by the mainstream press.

BACKSTROM, Premieres on Fox, January 22
Is the "near-sociopathic antisocial grump who lords his/her inhumanly superior intellect over everyone else who's forced to put up with them because their unorthodox process solves unsolvable mysteries" genre played-out at this point? Probably, yeah. But as a guy who'll still stop everything to watch a good re-run of House, I'll give this one a try. It helps that it's also a star-vehicle for Rainn Wilson, based on a popular series of Swedish crime novels. Looks so far up my alley I want to skip ahead to when it's been on for 12 seasons and USA lets me watch it in 5 episode blocks every other night.

THE JACK AND TRIUMPH SHOW, Premieres on Adult Swim, January 29
Robert Smigel's Triumph: The Insult Comic Dog gets his own show (opposite Jack McBrayer) on Adult Swim. Why wasn't this already a thing?

CSI: CYBER, Premieres on CBS, March 4
So, yes, it's probably going to be awkward watching Patricia Arquett follow-through on a transition to TV-procedural purgatory now that her film career is relevant again post-Boyhood. Still, the backdoor-pilot for this computer-crime spin-off was amusingly idiotic, and a full-series expansion has the potential to provide much-needed unintended comedy on the airwaves. And besides: Without CSI's and Chuck Lorre sitcoms, how would good TV know what it was aiming to be better than?

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