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Let's Watch Thor: The Dark World's New Trailer

Bob Chipman | 9 Aug 2013 12:00
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What do we do around here when news is slow and trailers that may or may be packed with clues about big movies (and their attendant franchises) get released? We do this. And so, our attention now turns to "Thor: The Dark World" and its brand-new longer trailer which you can watch here:

The original Thor came out as a Summer movie and did a lot better than people were initially expecting a non-Iron Man Marvel Studios movie to do box-office wise. This one is scheduled for November 8th, likely because fall/winter blockbusters have become a solid business bet but possibly also because its studio didn't bet on Summer 2013's other blockbusters having such remarkably short legs for the most part - don't you bet Disney wishes like hell they could've had this for July 4th instead of The Lone Ranger?

Alright, let's get started. As ever, the timestamps provided are based on the version of the clip linked above and your own mileage may vary:

00:08 - Big Asgardian doors, callback to the first movie

00:13 - 00:19 - Man with long hair, back to the camera or face obscured by shadows, walks through medieval-ish looking dark interiors. Intended effect: the audience is hopefully asking "What is this? Is this 'The Hobbit 2?' Is this 'Game of Thrones?" Unless the familiar voiceover has tipped them off, of course.


00:20 - Prison cell, energy walls. D├ęcor is starting to look a bit more familiar...

00:24 - Whoever is locked up in there, he has magic powers of some significance and doesn't care much for his furniture.

00:26 - "Oh, cool! They did another 'THOR!" It may or may not be a harbinger of the tone/stakes of this sequel that Chris Hemsworth's hair is looking a lot more unkempt and less "styled" in these scenes.

00:30 - TUMBLRGASM! Yes, Tom Hiddleston is back as Loki, God of Mischief. I never would have guessed that Loki, of all Marvel characters, would become a major selling-point of the Marvel movies.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, I freeze-framed and zoomed the HELL out of this long shot and I honestly can't tell if those other people/creatures visible locked up in other prison cells across from Loki are supposed to be anyone important or noteworthy.

00:37 - I like that Thor's patently ridiculous-looking bright, flowing red cape is his signature here with the logo-wipe. If there's a clear dividing line between the Marvel and DC movie universes (so far) it's that the sillier the component of a character or mythos is, the more Marvel wants to shove it to the front of the line.

00:38 - As grim Asgardian(?) landscape fades to present-day London, here comes some Anthony Hopkins Narration. Because why the hell else do you want Anthony Hopkins for your supporting cast at this point?

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