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10 Bible Movies Weirder Than Noah

Bob Chipman | 28 Mar 2014 12:00
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El Pecado De Adan y Eva (aka The Sin of Adam & Eve)

So here's a (literal) dirty little secret about the preponderance of Biblical-themed movies in the Good Old Days of moviemaking: A lot of the time, they were produced as an excuse for filmmakers to indulge in depicting sex and violence beyond what would otherwise have been allowable.

Case in point, this famous Mexican-produced 1969 "epic" that retells the Garden of Eden story more-or-less straightforward. Which means it's really all just an excuse for its shapely stars (Jorge Rivero and Candice "Candy Cave" Wilson) to preen about stark naked; with giant prop flowers, long hair and carefully-composed shots hiding anything that might push this over into outright softcore.

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