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How Can Sony Pictures Save Spider-Man?

Bob Chipman | 9 May 2014 12:00
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richard parker

1. Nobody cares about Richard Parker

In the broad strokes, it doesn't really matter to me if this series' obsession with clockwork-fate and genetic-destiny is the result of Roberto Orci being a conspiracy-theorist lunatic or just because the studio cares more about franchise-minded worldbuilding than coherent storytelling, but either way it's the number one thing holding this series back.

There's probably no getting around the broad-strokes stupidity of the convoluted "sins of the father" gobbledygook built into both Peter Parker and Harry Osborn's stories at this point, but you can minimize it by making a concerted effort to stop going back to it. Drop all that noise. Nobody cares about "The Osborn Curse." Nobody cares about Parker DNA. Nobody cares about all that stupid DaVinci Code time-wasting with Richard Parker's super-secret subway lab.

See, right now Sony and the filmmakers have the mechanics of this stuff backwards. It's the character/emotional/relationship development that you're supposed to spread across multiple movies in a series. Plot-mechanics and world-building? Successful franchise movies generally keep as much of that as possible contained in individual films. Example: There's a coherent personal narrative (so far) to Captain America as a character across First Avenger, The Avengers and Winter Soldier; but each of those films tells a complete beginning/middle/end individual story in itself.

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