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How Can Sony Pictures Save Spider-Man?

Bob Chipman | 9 May 2014 12:00
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2. Not Everything needs to be connected (even if it is)

A lot (and I mean a lot) of big comic-book crossover "events" have the same big climactic reveal: A designated uber-villain stands before the assembled heroes, demonstrates his (or her, but usually his) tremendous power and reveals that every damn seemingly random catastrophe that has befallen them in their own separate adventures have actually all been part of his master plan the whole time!

It's goofy, it's implausible, it's kind of a cheat and it will be all that and more when Thanos eventually does it in Avengers 3. But when done right it works narratively, and usually doing it right means working backwards. That's generally how comics do it, and it's what Marvel has been doing: They've got various "goalposts" marked out of things they need/want to happen, but how things get there is largely dictated by which films and characters are successful. If audiences hadn't fallen head over heels for Tom Hiddleston's Loki (or worse, if Thor had bombed) the Big Bad role in Avengers could've been swapped-out with The Mandarin, or The Red Skull, or The Leader, or anybody, really.

And if necessary, they just throw stuff out. Iron Man 2 sets up a long-term storyline about Tony Stark looking for Howard Stark's hidden-secrets while exorcising his daddy issues. Nobody cared. So it never once comes up in Avengers, and in Iron Man 3 when Tony meets a young moppet similarly abandoned he takes the opportunity to let us know he's over it: "Yeah, well, sometimes dad's leave, alright? You don't need to be a p**** about it."

So even though the end of Part 2 clearly lays out your intention to do exactly this, Sony? Don't just have Harry Osborn give those Doctor Octopus tentacles, Vulture wings, etc. to various guys as a shortcut to getting more characters into your movies. If you take out the continuity/franchise-building connections, Electro has a pretty solid story-arc in the middle of TASM2 in terms of a new villain's origin providing a storyline for this installment. Let's have more of that, and if you really do have some big gargantuan Master Plan to reveal? Just fit in somehow. One of your main characters has a blood disease that turns him into a goblin in power-armor - you've got the wiggle room.

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