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How Can Sony Pictures Save Spider-Man?

Bob Chipman | 9 May 2014 12:00
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black cat

3. Do something Interesting with The Black Cat

Okay. You managed (well, Orci and Kurtzman managed) to miss on the easy-layup of the Gwen Stacy story. Spilled milk. Get over it. But you also devoted several scenes to reminding us that Felicity Jones is playing Felicia Hardy, aka the other well-known Spider-Man girlfriend who isn't Mary Jane, The Black Cat. Here's an idea: Maybe find something to do with her that's more interesting than the "crazy-but-amazing-in-the-sack bad-girl" for Peter to rebound/blow-off-steam with en-route to Real Love with MJ that she winds up as in every other retelling of these characters.

Real talk: A problem with Spider-Man is that he lends himself to self-insert avatar for fans-turned-comic-writers better than almost any other superhero. That's why he's a science-club dweeb who's also secretly super-awesome and routinely beds supermodels, prom queens and Bond Girls even outside of being Spider-Man. And it's why he winds up with a supporting character like Black Cat: "Well, I'll never sleep with Catwoman... but I can write/vicariously-project-myself-into Peter Parker sleeping with what is essentially just Catwoman!"

Sony? You've already thrown the tone and canon of Spider-Man out in a lot of bad ways, maybe throw it out in a good way and make Felicia more of a character than she usually gets to be? The Madonna/Whore/Porridge-that's-just-right dynamic usually applied to the Gwen/Cat/MJ is tired and all kinds of problematic; so why not break the mold a little more and possibly get an unconventional female screen heroine out of it? Maybe one whose story-arc doesn't tell young women that owning/flaunting their sex-appeal doesn't mean they have to end up evil or "good, but not relationship-good?" Just a thought.

And speaking of unconventional ...

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