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Remembering Robin Williams Through Movies

Bob Chipman | 15 Aug 2014 12:00
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Being a constantly-"on" stream-of-references bundle of energy was Robin Williams' comedy stock in trade, but here he proved a more than capable straight man while Robert DeNiro takes center stage as a man roused from a decades-long coma by a new drug. Williams is his doctor and confidant, who helps him try to understand a new world and must cope with the idea that the miracle-cure might not last.

HOOK (1991)
Folks? I'm sorry, but we really do need to face this: Hook isn't a great movie. It's not a BAD movie, but it's a tonal mess, the Lost Boys are uniformly irritating (yes, even the one you're thinking of) and Julia Roberts shows even less range than usual. The reason we "remember" it as being great is because Dustin Hoffman does something fairly remarkable as Captain Hook... and because, yes, Robin Williams was in fact the only possible choice to play a grown-up Peter Pan.

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