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Remembering Robin Williams Through Movies

Bob Chipman | 15 Aug 2014 12:00
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Williams tried several "dark spin on traditional persona" roles in the later end of his career to varied success, but seldom did he get to play as broad and nasty as he did here. The film (directed by Danny DeVito) is a pitch-black satire of the children's television business, with Williams in rare form as Rainbow Randolph, a thoroughly-rotten disgraced former kiddie-show host who schemes to murder his Barney-esque replacement (Edward Norton).

Of Williams' two highly-touted "prestige" villain roles (the remake of Insomnia was the other one) I still like this one the best. It's a psycho-stalker movie, about a Supermarket photo-developer (ask your parents) obsessed with a (seemingly) "perfect" family of regular customers. When he discovers that they may not be the ideal unit he imagined, he comes unhinged and his fixation takes on a chilling new dimension. Creepy stuff.

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