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Remembering Robin Williams Through Movies

Bob Chipman | 15 Aug 2014 12:00
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Ugh. I hesitated putting this on here, for reasons that will be immediately apparent, but it was one of the great "dark" turns in the man's career. A creation of comedy maverick Bobcat Goldthwait, it's a brutally-bitter "grief industry" satire about a teacher and failed writer (Williams) whose horrible human-being of a son dies accidentally in an act of autoerotic-asphyxiation. Hoping to avoid embarrassment upon discovering the body, Williams' character stages the scene to look like a suicide... only to see the fake suicide note go viral as evidence that the (awful) kid was an undiscovered deep-thinker -- inspiring dad to realize his dreams of authorial fame by forging more works to "discover." A little hard to watch given recent circumstances, obviously, but it'd be wrong not to include it here.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has an odd identity crisis where most of the time it's a semi-realistic show about a special police unit dedicated to sex crimes but occasionally decides to build episodes around bizarre Batman-esque super-criminals played by celebrity guest stars -- with Robin Williams as one of the standout examples. He appeared as Merritt Rook, a self-styled vigilante who used a mastery of electronics and sound-engineering equipment in order to stage increasingly-dangerous stunts aimed at embarrassing authority figures. It's a weirdly understated but thoroughly spooky turn, said by some to be an attempt by Williams to partially realize his long-held dream of portraying The Riddler in a Batman movie.

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