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Don't Watch Dis-Topia, Watch Dat-Topia

Bob Chipman | 5 Sep 2014 12:00
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It's Los Angeles in a near-future where (according to news headlines at least) things have gotten so bad that the Israeli Defense Forces are in Northern Ireland (why?), Germany has purchased Poland and L.A. itself is engulfed in brutal racially-divided gang wars. The most dangerous gang? A rapidly-expanding pack of teenaged neo-fascists called The Rollerboys.

...because they do all their fighting and pillaging on roller-skates, you see.

Corey Haim stars as a hard-nosed street kid who gets drafted by the cops to infiltrate and inform on The Rollerboys, only to find himself swept up into the world of their charismatic leader -- ultimately becoming the only hope of preventing The Rollerboys from enacting their plans to dominate the city... and then the world.

On roller-skates. Roller. Skates.

No one knew quite what to make of this dystopian sci-fi/action/comedy when it came out, which feels bizarre since everything from its punk-rock/riot-grrl trappings and comic-book visual trappings couldn't scream "Make a cult-classic of me!!!" harder if they tried. Fortunately, over the last decade that's started to happen.

Anway. It's the future, and we're running out of water. An evil corporation controls what H2O is left, and uses it to exert power over the poor and the innocent. They are opposed by Tank Girl (Lori Petty), who has a tank, and Jet Girl (Naomi Watts -- no, really!) who... you get the idea. They unite with a desert-dwelling tribe of half-human/half-kangaroo hybrids led by Ice-T to battle cyborg supervillain Malcom McDowell. And now you want to see it.

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