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Don't Watch Dis-Topia, Watch Dat-Topia

Bob Chipman | 5 Sep 2014 12:00
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Why don't more people like this movie? This was so cool...

What's the future this time? Pretty-much everyone on Earth is a vampire now. The old-fashioned sun-fearing/blood-sucker ones. They made it work for awhile, but now they're running out of blood and can't quite figure out a proper substitute; and that's bad, because instead of killing them withdrawal turns them into savage bat-monsters. Ethan Hawke is a nominal good-guy vamp who falls in with a human resistance movement led by Willem Dafoe -- an ex-vampire who accidentally cured himself and believes he can recreate the process. Give it a chance.

Of any modern dystopian-scifi movie, Equilibrium is probably the one that cribs most liberally from The Giver (the book), effectively lifting the entire "emotion is outlawed" negative-utopia concept but with an emphasis on the loss of culture and art rather than mans-inhumanity-to-man moralizing. Here, a whole society has been nullified into conformity by daily medications that remove all feelings.

An elite police force, The Clerics, enforce not only the medicating but also the elimination of all remaining books, paintings, films, random pretty objects -- anything that might be used to stimulate emotions among "sense offenders" -- using a combination of high-powered weaponry and a firearm-based martial-art called "Gun-Kata," which mixes kung-fu and handguns with mathematical movement-probability calculations to... alright, it just looks really badass.

Things turn around when, by chance, John Preston (Christian Bale, more-or-less auditioning for Batman) the most lethal of all the Clerics, misses his meds, rediscovers feelings and realizes that -- hey! -- he actually is pissed-off at The State for arresting and executing his sense-offending wife a few years back, after all. So he hooks up with The Resistance and opts to fight back.

It's seriously awesome.

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