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MovieBob's Fall (And Beyond) Preview

Bob Chipman | 10 Oct 2014 12:00
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A big hit on the festival circuit earlier this year, best-described as a "post-disaster Disaster Movie." A seemingly happy middle-class family on vacation in the French Alps finds themselves facing certain death as a freak avalanche comes bearing down on their mountain resort... only to fizzle out. They should be happy to be alive, but instead a single snap decision made in the face of "doom" by one member of the family sticks in everyone's mind -- gradually undermining everything they thought they knew about one another. Color me intrigued.

HORNS (10/31)

Daniel Radcliffe in an adaptation of the cult-horror novel about a small-town loner suspected in the suspicious death of his girlfriend who wakes up one day with a pair of devil horns growing out of his head... which also seem to grant him supernatural powers over the actions of others. Say this for Radcliffe: His outright refusal, thus far, to chase blockbuster dollars in the wake of the Harry Potter cycle is admirable.

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