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Bob Chipman | 10 Oct 2014 12:00
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"The Big One." Christopher Nolan's hush-hush space movie features Matthew McConaughey as a pilot/engineer who joins a desperate space mission to explore a wormhole in order to save humanity from a near-future Earth that has been depleted of resources. The first of two big Space Program Nostalgia projects hitting in the near future, the other being Disney's Tomorrowland -- supposedly a kind of Disneyfied "Atlas Shrugged" for science-fair kids -- from director Brad Bird this Spring.

BIG HERO 6 (11/7)

The first collaboration between Disney Animation and Marvel Comics (though, curiously, not Marvel Studios) is a teen-superhero story loosely based on a semi-obscure Marvel book. The story concerns a teenage science prodigy who converts his balloon-like babysitter-robot into an Iron Man-like combat machine and outfits his friends with high-tech gear to create a superhero team to resist a supervillain.

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