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Bob Chipman | 10 Oct 2014 12:00
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WILD (12/5)

So... yeah. The basic premise (troubled woman decides to take lengthy/semi-perilous cross-country hike in order to coax her system out of a drug addiction) sounds just a bit too much like the pre-packaged/stage-managed "epiphany"-mongering of Eat Pray Love. BUT! I've got a compulsion to root for Reese Witherspoon to succeed based almost wholly on my having been in high school when Cruel Intentions came out. So maybe this will be decent. Maybe.


Paul Thomas Anderson adapting Thomas Pynchon's deconstructionist 70s detective novel may sound like the wannabeatnik can't-miss of the year, but it also sounds like something special could be in the offing. Between There Will Be Blood and The Master Anderson is working on an entirely different plane from any other filmmaker of his generation, and even if this doesn't work it should be fascinating to see.

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