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5 Animated Disney Movies That Would Make Big Live-Action Successes

Bob Chipman | 21 Nov 2014 12:00
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Intermission: Live action Disney: 9x4

Since Disney seems to be in the business of making live-action adaptions of animated classics, I've got a few suggestions for them.

Walt Disney has seen a pair of live-action reworkings of its animated classics do huge box-office, one good (Maleficent) and one terrible (Alice in Wonderland), so a new era has clearly been born: Live-action adaptations of The Classics to compliment the current run of new-generation upstarts -- with a new Cinderella as the next volley.

Ah, well. As cynical IP-mining goes, I've seen worse ideas. And if nothing else, the longer the Mouse House stays on this nostalgia trip the closer I get to a Darkwing Duck revival, right? Sure. So I picked my brain and came up a handful of humble ideas on where the next great Disney "reimagining" might come from:

This is probably the biggest no-brainer of this whole thought-experiment, right? Yeah, Alice made bigger bank, but everyone seems to agree that it kind of sucked. Maleficent pulling massive box-office and generating media/academia heat over its exploration of moral gray-zones, gender-politics and even sexual-assault is the hat-trick you'd want to repeat. And who, after Maleficent, is a more iconic Disney nemesis than Aladdin's scheming sorcerer?

The pros to a Jafar-backstory movie (in the vein of Maleficent) are obvious on the face of things: A rare starmaking Hollywood role for an actor of Middle Eastern descent, the chance to play around with the largely untapped (in modern films) mythology of the region, Gilbert Godfried still being around to voice Iago... it's a pretty good list. In Aladdin, Jafar alludes to having lived an unusual (and long-traveled) life prior to his appearance there, and it'd be interesting to find out how he came to be as a villain -- particularly if he happened to hail from a similar (if darker) "street kid elevated by magic" background as his eventual nemesis.

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