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2015 Ascending (In Movies)

Bob Chipman | 2 Jan 2015 12:00
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Having exhausted all other options and proving rather decisively that A) The Future War isn't as interesting to see as we'd assumed and B) Nobody cares if Arnold doesn't show up, the Terminator franchise uses time travel to reboot itself into a mash-up of its best elements. Now, there's a hero T-800 and a battle-toughened Sarah Connor fighting a new T-1000 in gritty/grimy 80s LA. Okay, I'm onboard.

ANT-MAN (July 17)
Marvel Studios has yet to release a genuine clunker, but the high-profile split with original director Edgar Wright and a public scramble to build a partially-completed feature into something new under a new director has cost a lot of goodwill, and that's without this one also having to *follow* the mega-sized Age of Ultron with the exploits of a single, largely-unknown (outside of fandom) character. Should be an interesting moment, one way or another.

PIXELS (July 24)
Remember that short film Pixels about 80s video-game characters invading NYC? Well, they made it into a feature-length comedy with Adam Sandler and Peter Dinklage as one-time arcade high-score rivals called to defend Earth from digital alien invaders who've mistaken video game transmissions for an act of war.

Fox hired sought-after Chronicle helmer Josh Trank to build a big-budget, radically-different take on a Marvel franchise... and is seemingly terrified of anyone actually seeing the results. No stills. No trailer. Barely any plot details. Nothing. What is this movie? I want to find out.

Yeah, the surviving key members are successful and respectable now, but the hook of N.W.A. back in the day was they really lived (almost) as hard and shady as they rapped. Which means a feature biopic supervised by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre is probably going to be an unintentionally comic-exercise is sanding off very specific edges ("Can we keep the theft and murder but maybe dial-back the gay-bashing and sexism?") in the name of brand-maintenance. Should be interesting, though.

VACATION (October 9)
Yeah, this rebootquel (Rusty Griswold follows in his dad's family-vacation footsteps, with now-aged Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo in cameos) probably isn't going to be any good. But the original Vacation is one of the greatest comedies ever made, and Christmas Vacation is an intensely-beloved feature by many families, my own included. So yeah, I'll be there to see how this works out.

007: SPECTRE (November 6)
James Bond's original Golden Age nemesis-organization returns at last. I'm still sort of "whatever" about the gritty/"realistic" Craig-era 007, but this is promising and I really enjoyed Skyfall, so let's see.

PEANUTS (November 6)
They. Had. Better. Not. F***. This. Up.

Pixar's next has been a troubled, re-started production. That's not good news. But it's about dinosaurs, so I'm there. Bring it.

Is this reality? Am I really just under a year away from watching a new Star Wars movie? Set in the post-Return of The Jedi era? With Luke, Leia and Han all returning for one more go-around? Alright. Trailer looks good. I'm ready to believe again. Let's do this.


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