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Eggs of Ultron: What's Going on the New Avengers 2 Trailer

Bob Chipman | 13 Jan 2015 13:20
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Time to dig through the new Age of Ultron trailer to pick apart everything new and interesting.

Another day, another new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron for fans to pick over and scrutinize as though they weren't 100% guaranteed to be seeing it no matter what they "discover."

So yes, it's time to pick through the leavings of yet another Marvel trailer, and in doing so play directly into the hands of a Hollywood studio marketing department that deliberately cuts "Easter Eggs" into its trailers (no, friends, that quick "OMG is that ____!!!???" glimpse didn't slip in there by accident) precisely to generate articles like this which serve as free, ancillary marketing. Welcome to the machine.

In any case, I'm thinking it's best to cut to the chase this time - in lieu of going through the whole trailer minute-by-minute, I'll be highlighting things that A) stand out in general or B) were not part of the first trailer. That way, we can dispense with the clutter and concentrate on what I think are the more interesting aspects of this exercise.

One caveat: I'm trying to approach this, as best I'm able, from the perspective of a fan who only knows from the trailers themselves. However, as happens in this field, I've been privy to some side chatter among other film journos closer to the "scene" on this one and as such believe that I've pieced together some aspects of the film and its story that aren't immediately apparent to the public. I'm angling to avoid letting this conjecture influence my "read" of things, but as ever people who don't want to be "pseudo-spoiled" by a lucky guess may want to skip this one.


00:03 - 00:10
Hawkeye is rescuing survivors of some disaster, helping them into a rescue (?) vehicle. The trailers so far seem to mainly lean on three large-scale action scenes: One taking place in a fortress/castle of some sort, seemingly in Eastern Europe, one in what is all-but certainly urban South Africa and another in New York again. I can't tell where this is taking place, but it's the first we've seen of it.

"This vulnerable world needs something more powerful than us." Alright, that seems to make it clear that whatever becomes Ultron begins as Stark trying to build either a backup-team or a substitute for The Avengers. Remember: S.H.I.E.L.D. is (officially, anyway) gone now - so this is now basically a 7 or 8 superhero operation backed/armed by Stark and led by Captain America. "Stretched thin" is probably putting it mildly. Cue the "drone warfare metaphor" thinkpieces. Joy.

Ultron tells Stark (at least that's what the editing wants us to think) that "We always create the things we dread." So, did Iron Man create Ultron? Sure seems to be the case, but I wonder...

Hm. Apparently, the busted/refurbished 'bot that interrupts The Avengers' party isn't the first time they've met Ultron, but it IS the first time he's been seen "in the flesh." That's interesting. Something to ponder: Ultron first appeared in the comics in 1968. Y'know what a few technologies now commonly associated with stories about Artificial Intelligence gone awry did not exist back then? Virtual reality and the graphical-interface. Just saying.

Think it means anything that Banner's "Imma be Hulk now" eyes are red here instead of green, and that he seems to be building to a smile even though this looks like an involuntary change. Is this how we're meant to tell the difference now?

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