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My 5 Favorite Mecha Anime and Why They're the Best

H.D. Russell | 9 Nov 2015 15:00
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4. Robotech


One of the first true Animes to come to the states, Robotech is a classic. Piloting Transformer-esque mechs, Earth's best fighters must defend against an onslaught of alien invasions. With anime still in its infancy, Robotech was a series that helped define the genre for American audiences, as well as introduce them to the mechs. Standing at 85 episodes, the original series has three arcs; The Macross Saga, The Second Robotech War, and The Third Robotech War. Although the years haven't been kind to its visuals, there are several continuations and remasters that seek to enhance the Robotech experience. If you're fan of mecha, and looking for a nostalgic adventure, Robotech will certainly transport you straight back to the 80s.

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