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My 5 Favorite Mecha Anime and Why They're the Best

H.D. Russell | 9 Nov 2015 15:00
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1. Mobile Suit Gundam

Could our number one be anything other than Mobile Suit Gundam? Although this wasn't the first mech ever conceived of, this was the series that launched it into the genre it is today. Partly popularized by Bandai's plastic model kits, Gundams have been a standard and staple of mecha anime for over thirty years now. With such landmark chapters as Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, and Turn A Gundam, as well as more infamous ones such as Mobile Fighter G Gundam, the Gundam franchise is a strong one. It is the original series though, that introduced the world to the RX-78-2 and the conflict of futuristic space politics. With fun, fast combat and serious themes throughout, Mobile Suit Gundam is a series worth visiting (or revisiting). With a new Blu-ray collection currently out and with Iron-Blooded Orphans coming in full force, Gundam isn't going anywhere, and we're psyched for it.

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