Sleepy Hollow Returns with More of Everything that Made it Great

Elizabeth Harper | 23 Sep 2014 03:00
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We're right, of course: Abbie and Ichabod get called off to a case which turns into a frantic battle with the Headless Horseman. But they've been preparing for this for a year, and so they have special ammo and arrows to hurt him... though apparently not enough of either to actually take him down. He flees, but they got what he came for: information on a key of Benjamin Franklin's, which could open purgatory and let anyone come and go without leaving someone else in exchange -- i.e. how Abbie got stuck in purgatory in the first place.

While this has all the makings of a thoroughly ordinary episode, nothing here quite fits with where we left off last season -- and even Ichabod seems to realize it. Unfortunately, when he does, the illusion shatters: nothing has changed at all, but Henry was using the illusion that they'd won to try to get their help in finding the key, which the demon Moloch wants so he can bring an army of tormented souls to earth. Now that they've given him a direction, he's happy to leave Ichabod to his coffin and Abbie to purgatory.

Spoiler alert: they escape. Ichabod realizes that there's sulfur in the soil around his coffin, which he uses as gunpowder with a jury-rigged fuse to explode his way to safety, which is probably just as dangerous as it seems. Still, between slow suffocation and blowing up, it's hard to blame Ichabod for trying. Because he's a thoughtful guy, before lighting the fuse, he records a message to Abbie on his phone... but of course it won't record, so he goes through with it anyway.

Fortunately, it's a success: our hero will live to see another episode!

From here, he meets up with Jenny who's escaping from Henry -- and doing a pretty good job of it on her own, though Ichabod does provide a rescue vehicle in the form of a stolen ambulance... which he can't figure out how to put into reverse so they have to do a driver swap while they're being shot at. (This isn't a good episode for Ichabod's relationship with modern technology.) The two of them make their getaway and then set about finding Franklin's key, interspersed with some flashbacks of Ichabod and Franklin together -- unsurprisingly, Ichabod knew him, and equally unsurprisingly, Ichabod didn't think much of him.

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