Sleepy Hollow Returns with More of Everything that Made it Great

Elizabeth Harper | 23 Sep 2014 03:00
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They get the key and then head to rescue Abbie, who's been stuck in purgatory with Andy (John Cho) all episode. While the episode got off to a good start with Ichabod/Abbie camaraderie -- which is what we're all tuning in for, right? -- the rest of the episode she had precious little to do. She gets in touch with Ichabod to tell him about the demon army Moloch means to raise (leading to a nice moment in which Ichabod refuses to leave her behind) and spends some time unsuccessfully searching for a charm Katrina had given her. However, when Ichabod arrives in purgatory, she very quickly reminds us that she's a badass by cutting off Ichabod's head when he refers to her by the American pronunciation of "lieutenant."

Fortunately, Ichabod hasn't suddenly decided to practice Americanisms: it's a demon that's taken his place. (Though Ichabod seems more than a little disconcerted when he sees a carbon copy of himself dead on the ground in front of Abbie.) Our heroes use the key to escape from purgatory just before Moloch, and the day is (more or less) saved.

However, it's not smooth sailing from here. As the episode closes, we see Moloch sending Henry a suit of sentient (maybe?) armor which will no doubt be driving trouble in the next episode. Further, Katrina is still in the hands of the Headless Horseman -- who, before becoming a horseman, was her fiancé. He's apparently found time for romance amidst his busy schedule of killing people, and it makes for some thoroughly creepy scenes between the two of them. We've also not seen anything of Captain Irving yet, though he's presumably still stuck in prison, which is (maybe) a minor improvement over Katrina's situation.

So what comes next? We'll be tuning in next Monday to find out.

Bottom Line: This episode is more of the same Sleepy Hollow we all love, with lots of crazy supernatural elements, plenty of action, and great character moments. It didn't go anywhere new, but it's still a lot of fun.

Recommendation: If you liked last season, you'll probably like this, too. However, if you're not sold on Sleepy Hollow or you're new to the show, this episode might not help.


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